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Diversity & Inclusion

Modal exists to provide a safe space of inclusivity for all travelers. We hold a strong stance on diversity while doing our part to foster healthy dialogue between our guests and highlight the beauty of our humanity. We’re a queer-owned business and unapologetically affirm all sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions etc. Your pronouns will be honored and your safety is our highest priority. We’re here for our community and our staff will ensure all patrons are cared for with the utmost respect. No hate speech or defamatory expressions between guests will be tolerated. Please let kindness, love, and acceptance be your motivating factor for booking your stay! We look forward to meeting you.

ˈmōdl/ means a singular form of transportation. It is also a term in the textile industry for a specific type of fiber made from beech trees. The Upstate of South Carolina prides itself in the rich textile and automotive heritage across the state – so we thought it was fitting.

A traditional European hostel can be described as a hotel with shared spaces and common utilities. Dormitory style bunk beds, in-room shared bathrooms, and hangout space are the staples of most hostels worldwide. As a hostel and boutique hotel, our property offers the best of both worlds with mixed-use hostel-style bunk rooms or private queen rooms. As a modern hostel, Modal offers interior and exterior mixed spaces that allow for shared experiences, unique opportunities and new friends!

Absolutely! We do everything we can to ensure that our guests feel safe and comfortable whether they’re sharing a mixed room or enjoying the privacy of their own room. To help ensure our guests well being, we require government identification and credit card details at check-in. We provide lockers to secure your belongings and all access doors to the property are keycard enabled. All interior and exterior common areas are equipped with security cameras and we have staff on-site to monitor the property at all times.

It is our highest priority and responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of all of our guests. We appreciate the idea of generosity, but we do not allow non-guests to pay for the reservation of another guest due to the liability we assume (this includes family, friends, or philanthropic organizations). We have strict protocol to ensure a guest’s identity and confirm payment at check-in to further ensure the safety of our guests and property. Please carefully read these policies for further info:

  • All guest bookings must be paid for by credit card by the individual staying at Modal and the credit card on file for incidentals must match the ID of the person at check-in.

  • No person may pay for another guest unless both individuals are staying on-premise in the same room for the entire duration of the reservation.

  • All guest contact information must be accurate and relate only to the person staying and paying for the reservation including phone number, email, and address.

    This will be strictly enforced. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact the front desk.

As much as we’d be overjoyed to be pet-friendly, in order to maintain the level of cleanliness we have established, we can’t offer accommodations for our furry friends on-site. We do have recommendations for quality kennels and pet hotels nearby that we would be happy to direct you toward. 

Since Modal is geared toward creatives, digital nomads, young professionals and artists we’ve made a point of securing the best wireless internet connection within the area. Logging on is a breeze and don’t hesitate to ask a staff member if you’re having any trouble gaining access or maintaining a connection. You will be able to find the Wifi password right on your keycard.

For sure! We provide a complimentary grab & go breakfast every morning which will be available from 7:30am to 9:30am.

Smoking including tobacco products, vapes, or e-cigarettes are not permitted anywhere inside the building. There is a dedicated area for smokers on-site for anyone who wishes to partake. Any illegal substances (420 etc) are strictly prohibited on any part of the property. Violation of this policy will result in expulsion from the property and voids your ability to seek a refund. While ethically Modal stands in support of legalized cannabis, due to the current laws on record in South Carolina we must adhere to a strict enforcement policy.

Yes, Modal has beer and wine options available for guests at our front counter. Hours of service vary depending on staff availability.

That we do! We have marked receptacles on-site and a composting bin in the kitchen which is emptied by staff.  Recycling includes plastic, aluminum, paper, and cardboard. Plastic bags are collected separately and returned to grocery store facilities that have the resources to recycle that specific type of plastic. Unfortunately, Greenville County doesn’t recycle glass due to cost-prohibitive resources. We encourage you to take any glass bottles etc that you have with you and recycle them where the facilities are available. We compost food scraps (veggies, fruit, plant matter, coffee grounds) but no animal products (meat, bones, dairy) or citrus. The compost is then used in garden beds onsite.

Our standard check-in window is 3pm-10pm. Anything after 10pm is considered a late check-in which we are happy to accommodate but we require advance written notice along with a $10 fee. All late check-ins are asked to call the property upon arrival and a staff member will meet you to allow access in the lobby, complete your check-in, and direct to your room. We do ask that late check-ins be mindful of our quiet hours (10pm-7am) as other guests will be sleeping. A $10 flat fee is incurred for all late arrivals.

Key cards will be issued to you at check-in. Your key card is your key to the kingdom. It opens all guests only doors and is linked directly to your personally assigned locker. Only your card can open up your locker so hold onto it tightly. 

There are 11 available spots for parking in the back lot. You will be given a tag for your car which can be placed on the rearview mirror or dashboard. Please have this tag visible at all times. There is overflow parking available for larger vehicles with trailers etc. If you require special parking arrangements, please contact the property in advance of your arrival.

We understand that sometimes things get forgotten, so we’re happy to hold an item for up to 7 business days until you’re able to return to pick up. If you require shipping an item, we charge a minimum $25 shipping fee (if the fee does not cover the cost of shipping the item, you will be charged the full price of shipping plus a convenience fee of $10)