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Queer Arts Initiative

A new way to celebrate pride

The Upstate SC LGBT+ Chamber of Commerce launched the Queer Arts Initiative in 2023, a movement that exists to champion diversity through informing, supporting, and promoting artists of all mediums who identify as a member of the LGBTQIA+ community within the Upstate of South Carolina. The gallery at Modal now serves as a dedicated space to showcase queer visual art, including photography, painting, and mixed media compositions. These works reflect the passion, challenge, beauty, and perseverance of the broader queer community as we further advocacy & positive change in the Upstate.


Our Artists

Greta Boney

She / Her

Self-defined as a “Greta boney, trans negro artist.” Their work is intended to represent those who have been killed, raped, beat & discriminated against. Their work is filled with black history, queer history and speaks as an advocated for queer, trans & non-binary representation in the art world.

Nicholas Cooper

He / Him

A West Philadelphia native that calls Cleveland, OH home. Spending time in New Orleans, Hampton Roads, and Richmond- artistic freedom has been his largest life influence. Discovering a passion for mixed media and paper collage four years ago as a way to steady his hands while freeing himself of years of substance abuse, it has now bled into every waking moment of his existence. His work is unapologetically queer and is intended to be a love letter to those of us who struggle to find their voice. Moving to Greenville 14 months ago was supposed to be a temporary help for a dear friend, but his roots have been planted with no intent to leave.

Honey Gilmore

They / Them

A multi media artist with a focus in film photography. Their work explores queerness with themes of loneliness and connection, pain and healing, through lens of southeast and midwest Americana.

Dustin Hinson

He / They

Radical queer Southern folk artist. He was born in Gramling, South Carolina and grew up in nearby Spartanburg. His work is inspired by growing up queer in the South, Southern folk art, rock and roll, blues, and the legacy of storytelling. His goal in making art is to leave a mark as a queer person in a society, specifically the American South, that largely wants to erase the queer experience.


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